Senior Sportsnet columnist Mark Spector
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Oilers reporter Mark Spector facing backlash for disgusting comments

Published May 21, 2024 at 9:32 PM

Mark Spector has turned countless heads as a reporter for the Edmonton Oilers. However, he may have had his biggest blunder yet, as he faces major backlash for disgusting comments he made about Swedish players in the NHL.

It is no secret that in his tenure as a senior columnist for Sportsnet, Mark Spector has become a bit of a pariah among hockey fans. Unfortunately, this Oilers reporter is once again under fire for disgusting remarks he made about Swedish players.

As part of a Q&A he was doing on X during a flight to Dallas, a fan asked him about the ability the Vancouver Canucks have to compete in the next few seasons. As part of his response, Spector included a xenophobic comment on the genetic makeup of the team.

"Perfect coach for that team.
Miller excellent leader. Hughes will grow. Good D.
Many skill guys either small or perimeter guys. Got pushed out - EL40 esp.
Depth can't all be Euro skill guys. Some? Sure - not all.
Need more Saskatchewan, less Stockholm."

This did not go over well with the hockey community, who quickly renounced this statement and came to the defense of the people and players of Stockholm. Many NHL fans, notably, found this comment reminiscent of former NHL commentator Don Cherry, who was fired after a famously racist rant. One user who responded with this comparisson earned a reply, in which Spector doubled down.

"Just spittin' the truth here fella."

With comments this widely scrutinized, all eyes are turning on Sportsnet to see whether or not they take action against Spector. However, because he is their senior columnist, nothing resembles a guarantee he would be fired. Hopefully, the executives will take a hint from the Oilers fans who have tried to tune him out long ago and make sure this sort of thing does not happen again.

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