New Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Craig Berube
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Shocking video leaks: fans furious with Craig Berube's actions

Published May 20, 2024 at 4:32 PM

Just shortly after the news of his hire as the incoming head coach for the Toronto Maple Leafs, Craig Berube is under fire for a racist remark he made during his career as an NHL player.

After Sheldon Keefe was fired from his five-year tenure as the head coach for the Toronto Maple Leafs, he was quickly replaced by former NHL left wing and head coach for the St. Louis Blues, Craig Berube.

Craig Berube is officially the next coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

In 2019 he snapped a 52 year championship drought to get the Blues their first cup since joining the league in 1967.

The leafs last title? 1967.
Something poetic about that.

Here he is delivering the greatest pregame speech of all time before game 7 to win the cup. Leafs got themselves a fantastic coach. #stlblues #leafsforever"

However, it has become a bumpy ride for the former Maple Leaf player, as a video of him from his time with the Washington Capitals resurfaced. In this clip, an anchor from the Los Angeles Times detailed that Berube used a highly offensive racial slur against Peter Worrell during a game in 1997.

"Craig Berube of the Washington Capitals was suspended for one game without pay on Tuesday for calling Florida's Peter Worrell, who is black, a 'monkey' during an on-ice scuffle on Sunday."

Though Berube apologized and faced suspension, only the future holds whether or not he will make a similar mistake. If he does, he can guarantee that the consequences will be far greater than they were nearly thirty years ago, as we have already seen with the ongoing investigation into Oilers assistant coach Paul Coffey, who was recently caught making a racist gesture during a game.

"Edmonton Oilers assistant coach Paul Coffey made racist gestures towards Canucks fans, wearing turbans.

Oilers were leading 4-1 at that moment & went on to lose the game to Vancouver 4-5.

What a loser of a person!

@EdmontonOilers should sack this bigot. Well done @Canucks."

With the league taking matters of bigotry more seriously, Craig Berube will undoubtedly take more precautions to avoid the same offensive remarks. Hopefully for Toronto, his past will not negatively impact his coaching ability.

Source - Hockey Patrol
Fans furious after disturbing info on Craig Berube is released
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