Florida Panther head coach Paul Maurice addressing the media ahead of the Eastern Conference Finals.
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Paul Maurice gets brutally honest about his feelings on losing

Published May 19, 2024 at 6:04 PM

Florida Panthers head coach Paul Maurice addressed the media today ahead of the Eastern Conference finals, revealing just how much he hates to lose.

The Panthers are set to face off against the New York Rangers in the Eastern Conference finals starting on Wednesday. It is back-to-back conference finals appearances for the Panthers, who went all the way to the Cup finals last year and lost to the Vegas Golden Knights. Hopefully for Maurice, the outcome will be different this year as he revealed today that he truly despises losing.

"If you lose the last game, you don't care if the plane goes down right? I know its extreme, but I've had that moment."

Maurice has never been afraid to speak his mind when addressing the media. That has never been more true than it has been this year, as he seems to give us at least one elite sound bite every time he's in front of a mic. During the series against the Bruins he made a joke about the media over analyzing every move Brad Marchand made after he missed part of game four and all of game five.

"There'll be 18,000 cameras on the morning skate just to see how many sips of the water bottle Brad Marchand takes."

Paul Maurice put on a HHOF presser performance 🔥

He also revealed that he loved the series against the Bruins and that he is a little bit sad its over. Surely winning the Stanley Cup could ease that pain for him though.

«I would pay money to watch Boston and Florida playhighly skilled at times and brutally violent at times. It's what all the best parts of hockey is.»

Paul Maurice is going to miss watching the Bruins series.

The Panthers will have to get through the President trophy winners in the New York Rangers if they want a chance to lift the Stanley Cup. That is no small ask. Be sure to tune in on Wednesday to see how game one shakes out.

Source: HockeyFeed
Paul Maurice gets dark, reveals just how much he hates to lose.
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