Matvei Michkov and Daniel Briere
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Matvei Michkov's fate in the NHL confirmed

Published May 19, 2024 at 10:59

Philadelphia Flyers first round pick Matvei Michkov is expected to join the Flyers sooner than expected, as early as next season.

It was a controversial scenerio in the 2023 draft where teams hesistated to pick the russian sensation Matvei Michkov because of his lengthy contract in the KHL keeping him until 2026.

Seen as a top two player in his class, he dropped all the way to seventh overall as teams feared he would never show up to North America.

Well today, we have a groundbreaking developpment which will see Matvei Michkov's tenure in the KHL come to an end with him heading to the Philadelphia Flyers.

👀 WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?! #LetsGoFlyers 🤔

SKA head coach Roman Rotenberg: "There will be news about Matvei Michkov soon, some legal details remain to be resolved.

According to SE, SKA forward Matvey Michkov will continue his career in Philadelphia. The contract with the St. Petersburg club will be terminated until 2026, and the rights to the hockey player in the KHL will remain with the army team.

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