Luke Gazdic in an intervention during an intermission report on Sportsnet.
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Retired NHL tough guy calls out Oilers and Canucks for embellishment

Published May 19, 2024 at 10:05

A retired NHL tough guy called out the Edmonton Oilers and the Vancouver Canucks for embellishment, something we've seen a lot since the playoffs started.

The powerplays can make a massive difference in the playoffs. Teams that are remaining in the running to win a Stanley Cup all have amazing powerplay units that can change the outcome of the game.

Unfortunately, players are doing everything they can so that the other team spends as much time as possible in the box.

Embellishment is somthing that we can see in all sports, but has always been widely criticized in hockey.

In an intermission during Saturday night's game between the Oilers and the Canucks, Luke Gazdic, a former NHL tough guy, shared his thoughts on what he calls an "embellishment epidemic":

"I think we officially have an embellishment epidemic on our hands in the National Hockey League. It's not just this series it's all across the National Hockey League."

"It's every single player honestly on both teams. As soon as anyone is getting touched here it's straight down to the ice."

"There's just flopping all over the ice. It's honestly tough to watch at this point."

Even if he thinks this issue is league-wide, he singled out a few players that he thinks often embellish: Brock Boeser, Nikita Zadorov, Connor McDavid, Conor Garland and Zach Hyman were all targeted by his words.

Embellishing might be a strategic thing to do, but it regrettably makes the sport a little less interesting.

Are you tired of seeing NHL players embellish to get a power play?

Source: Hockey Feed - Luke Gazdic calls out several players for embellishment in Game 6.
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