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Paul Bissonnette accuses referee of rigging playoff game

Published May 18, 2024 at 7:04 PM

The game between the Dallas Stars and Colorado Avalanche has become a hot-button issue in the NHL world for a highly-scrutinized no-goal. Among the critics is Paul Bissonnette, who implied that the referee rigged the game.

Last night, the Dallas Stars were looking to close their series against the Colorado Avalanche. It seemed they did it with less than eight minutes in the first overtime when Mason Marchment got a shot between the legs of goaltender Alexandar Georgiev. However, it was declared a no-goal on the ice for goalie interference.

"Mason Marchment and the Dallas Stars thought they had the series-winner but the goal was waived off due to goalie interference.

The call on the ice stands after review."

This looked like a clear goal, as Duchene appeared to be outside the blue paint when the shot was made. If he had crossed into this area as the referee insisted, it would have only happened instantaneously when pushed by Cale Makar.

"Dutch was never in the paint, he's entitled to the ice in front of the crease, and Makar backed him in to the goalie.

Utterly disgraceful, @NHL, @NHL_Officiating. Disgraceful."

However, some believe former NHLer and current analyst with TNT Paul "Biz Nasty" Bissonette took his distaste for the call too far after he implied that the referee was attempting to rig the game for betting purposes.

"I think that for sure should have counted. Obviously with the ref waiving it off, they're probably going upstairs and saying 'Well we gotta stick with the original call,' so I don't know if that ref's got the DraftKings sportsbook going right now. But that was kind of a BS call in my book."

While many fans found this one of the worst calls in the playoffs this season, plenty believed Bissonnette was entirely out of line for his borderline defamatory statements. Implying referees are illegally betting on games as a national broadcaster has serious implications that could ultimately put several livelihoods at risk.

"It's fine to disagree with the call and be frustrated with the NHL/rule/Situation Room/goaltender interference in general, but to imply that the refs are illegally betting on games is garbage, particularly from a national broadcaster. Be better,
@BizNasty2point0 @NHL_On_TNT"

Despite the seriousness of this situation, some are taking this moment as an opportunity to suggest changes in how the league handles these matters. Particularly, fans want the conversations between referees to be made public. This would safeguard teams from unfair rulings and provide more transparency on these tough calls.

"Without trolling, it would help if the NHL made the conversations between refs and situation room public as it's happening. Be transparent. But the league wants to do it their way in secrecy and not be accountable."

Fortunately, Dallas successfully took Colorado down by the end of the night, regardless of the controversial rulings in the first overtime. They will now advance to the conference finals to face the winners of the Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canucks series. Hopefully going forward, the Satrs will have already made it past the worst of this year's playoff calls.
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