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Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman reportedly hits the trade block

Published May 17, 2024 at 7:49 PM

NHL insider David Pagnotta revealed today that the Toronto Maple Leafs may be looking to trade defenseman Timothy Liljegren this summer.

The Maple Leafs will certainly be looking to make changes this summer after yet another first-round exit. The team has already moved on from head coach Sheldon Keefe, replacing him with Craig Berube. Similarly, the team fired general manager Kyle Dubas last summer, replacing him with Brad Treliving. Now the team is set to make changes to the actual roster on the ice, potentially starting with defenseman Timothy Liljegren.

Following up on the #LeafsForever talk we had on @NHLNetwork last hour, don't be surprised to hear D Timothy Liljegren's name pop up in trade discussions this summer. He's an RFA in July, but some early chatter his name is out there, too.

The reaction to this news has been mixed from Leafs fans. For starters, Pagnotta's reputation is not exactly the best. He has consistently been wrong about his reports, particularly when he is the only one to reveal a specific story. One instance from this season is when he said that the San Jose Sharks would trade Alex Barabanov, which clearly never happened. That being said, fans that buy this news have varied opinions on it. Some pointed to the fact that the Leafs are already thin on defense, making a trade for Liljegren quite odd.

Leafs wanna play with only 1 dman!?

Many Leafs fans have not been satisfied with Liljegren's performance with the team though. They think he has not quite hit his full potential, putting him in an awkward position with the Leafs. As a result, some would not mind seeing him traded this summer.

Would love to see him gone, he never lived up to expectations

The Leafs certainly are thin on defense, so one would imagine that another blueliner would have to be coming back to the Leafs in a potential Liljegren trade. We will just have to wait and see what is in store for the Leafs this summer.
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