Milan Lucic and his ex-wife Brittany Lucic, alongside the player's mug shot.
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Milan Lucic's wife shares horrific details of the night of his arrest

Published May 17, 2024 at 11:52

Brittany Lucic, the ex-wife of Milan, shared horrific details on the night of the former NHLer's arrest in a disturbing testimony.

Back in November, Lucic was arrested for battery on a family member and massive details about that night have emerged.

*CAUTION: the following details are not recommended for young readers*

In her report, she stated that Milan was "extremely drunk" and was in a "fit of rage" before he decided to strangle her, in front of their children and some friends' kids.

You can read her full statement here:

"He then grabbed me by my throat with his thumbs pressed against my windpipe so I could not breath [sic]. The force and momentum of him grabbing me caused me to lose my footing and stumble backwards, landing against a chair.»

As Brittany attempted to scream for help, she recalled that «her yells were «stifled by him placing his hand over my mouth.»

«Respondent's attempted strangulation of me was in the presence of all the children, including our friends' children. All the children were awake and heard what was going on and were incredibly scared."

After these details, it's inconceivable that Lucic could make a return to pro hockey.

The couple got divorced in April and Brittany filed for a restraining order against Milan.

Do you think Milan Lucic will play in a profesionnal hockey game again?

Source: Habs Fanatics - Milan Lucic's wife shares brutal testimony of what led to his arrest
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