Edmonton Oilers general manager Ken Holland addressing the media
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Ken Holland's next NHL team may have been leaked

Published May 16, 2024 at 6:44 PM

The Columbus Blue Jackets are searching for a new general manager this offseason and now one NHL reporter has revealed that they may be looking to bring in current Oilers GM Ken Holland.

St. Louis Blues reporter Andy Strickland has become somewhat of an insider, occasionally revealing relatively major stories before others around the league. Today he did exactly that when he noted that the Columbus Blue Jackets appear to be interested in Edmonton Oilers general manager Ken Holland. Notably, Holland is on the final year of his deal with the Oilers and he may very well not be extended after the playoffs are over.

Ken Holland to #CBJ rumors don't seem to quiet down anytime soon. Maybe a long run to the Final would change things but there are many who feel he could be headed to Columbus to fill their GM vacancy. Mentor Rick Nash to eventually take over?

The reaction to this news has been largely unenthusiastic as fans can see the damage Holland has done to the Oilers organization. He was given a team with Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl and they still aren't good enough to win a Stanley Cup. To be fair, they still have a shot this year, but the Canucks have given them much more of a run for their money than many were expecting, especially considering their 3rd string goaltender is starting in net for them. Popular hockey media member Nathan Murdoch joked about the Blue Jackets potentially bringing in Holland.

Blue Jackets fans watching their GM candidates be Ken Holland and Marc Bergevin

This team is beyond stupid. JMac Junior probably remembers when Doug said he wouldn't trade his team for Ken Holland's 20 years ago and hasn't paid any attention to what a crap GM he's been since the salary cap was implemented.

The Oilers turned to Calvin Pickard for game four against the Canucks and are sticking with him for game five. Many fans have pointed to this as a major mark against Holland as Pickard has largely been a career AHL level goalie and yet Kris Knoblauch is in a position where he feels he gives the team their best chance to win. That is certainly an indictment on the general manager.

Ken Holland saw all of the evidence and still put the Oilers in a situation where they are staking an entire playoff run with the two best players in the world on a career AHL goalie.

So should fans of the Columbus Blue Jackets be excited about the possibility of bringing in Ken Holland? Perhaps not.
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