Dallas Stars defenseman Chris Tanev
Photo credit: Blackout Dallas

Details of Chris Tanev's gruesome injury release publicly

Published May 16, 2024 at 2:31 PM

When the Dallas Stars acquired defenseman Chris Tanev from the Calgary Flames, they acquired him for his insane defensive ability, however they have been treated with his sheer will and determination aswell.

Chris Tanev has been exactly what the Stars wanted and expected from him with his steady defensive play. Since being acquired, he has been a crucial part of the Stars' success and their goal to win the Stanley Cup.

During game five of the second round versus the Colorado Avalanche, Tanev has had another tooth pulled off his set of teeth once again in the first period. Despite the horrific scene regarding his facial structure, he continued to play, and he played a whole lot, logging 20 minutes of ice time.

Chris Tanev had «at least one tooth pulled» after a 1st period collision in Game 5, according to

Tanev returned to the game and played close to 20 minutes, and 26 more shifts 😳

The Dallas Stars currently lead 3-2 in the series versus the feisty Avalanche, however beating the Avalanche and the Knights in the first two rounds will no doubtly give this powerful team the confidence to pursue the Stanley Cup that Chris Tanev has been searching for during his long tenured career.
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