J.T. Miller of the Vancouver Canucks on the ice with the team's head coach Rick Tocchet in a press conference.
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Surprising text message from J.T. Miller to coach Rick Tocchet leaks

Published May 16, 2024 at 10:13

The Vancouver Canucks' player J.T. Miller sent a surprising text message to his head coach Rick Tocchet after a game and the whole thing was leaked online!

After a career-high tally of 103 points in the regular season, J.T. Miller was expected to play a big role for his team in the playoffs, which he did up until the last game against the Edmonton Oilers.

In 10 games, he scored 11 points, which is commendable, but in game four, he couldn't keep up, leaving the Oilers the opportunity to tie the series at two.

He wasn't alone in this situation. As he mentionned in a press conference after the game, Rick Tocchet didn't shy away from throwing his players under the bus, visibly disappointed by some players' lack of effort:

"There's times there we have some guys, you know where the puck's gonna go, you just gotta get there before the other guy, and I think we're pausing. Some guys are playing pause hockey. And you can't win if you have five or six passengers."

I mean it's the Stanley Cup Playoffs, with some guys I don't know if they thought it was the playoffs. We can't play with 12 guys."

Tocchet also revealed that Miller sent him a text message to apologize for his bad night:

"It's an honest group. I mean, J.T. Miller texted me today, ‘sorry, I had a bad (game).'

"This guy's been unreal for me. One play, two plays doesn't define (it). Who cares about that? That games over. He's been a monster force, he'll be a monster for us. That's the way we work around here."

If the Canucks want to eliminate the Edmonton Oilers, they'll need every player to be on board and on the same page.

Source: Hockey Feed - Miller sent surprising text to Rick Tocchet after Game 4
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