Washington Capitals forward Alex Ovechkin
Photo credit: RMNB

Capitals head coach buries Alex Ovechkin after tough game

Published April 24, 2024 at 8:31

After a very difficult game in their playoff series against the New York Rangers, Washington Capitals head coach Spencer Carbery was forced to make the difficult decision to bury veteran forward Alex Ovechkin in the lineup.

The New York Rangers dominated the regular season, making their path to the President's Trophy seem easy. Now, paired against the worst-performing team to make the playoffs, they are leaving little room for the Washington Capitals. According to their head coach Spencer Carbery, not even their veteran forward Alex Ovechkin can be of much help, who commented on the player's current performance in a post-game interview

"#Capitals forward Alexander Ovechkin's postseason play is getting commented on by head coach Spencer Carbery..."

In this press conference, he continues commenting on Ovechkin, acknowledging the difficulty he is having against such a high-caliber team. It seems that with the team now playing back home, this 38-year-old forward may have a chance to win for the team.

«I thought the first two games he looked a little off. He's struggling. It's hard. It's the playoffs, on the road, it's a tough matchup. We're back home, now we can control the matchup for him. He can flip it in a heartbeat and be a difference maker»

The Washington Capitals are trailing the New York Rangers in the first round of playoffs, having lost both of their games thus far. Their next game will be at the Capitol One Arena on Friday evening.

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