Philadelphia Flyers goaltender Ivan Fedotov
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Philadelphia Flyers sign goalie with 3 NHL games to $7M contract

Published April 23, 2024 at 8:19

In a bizarre turn of events this morning, the Philadelphia Flyers have extended goaltender Ivan Fedotov to a two-year, $6.5M contract.

Ivan Fedotov, who was a controversial story in hockey for years due to his status in Russia and the KHL made his NHL debut this season.

In three NHL games, he had a 4.95GAA and a .811 save percentage... which is not good.

The tallest active goaltender in the NHL, Fedotov will be paid a whole lot to guard the Philadelphia Flyers' net. With Carter Hart likely done in the NHL forever, it is safe to say the Flyers are desperate to keep the 28-year-old rookie in the organization.

Ivan Fedotov agrees to 2 year extension with the
. $3.25 mil AAV.

Original rumours believed the deal had an AAV (annual average value) of $3.3-million. At least the Flyers got a slight discount!

👂 2 year deal for #LetsGoFlyers Ivan Fedotov

$6.6 million ($3.2 million in the first year, $3.4 million in the second).

Of course - nothing official yet.

There is a chance this deal ages beautifully, although they probably got less term than they hoped. If Fedotov keeps up his horrible numbers, however, the Flyers will have a mess on their hands until 2027.


Per a Philadelphia Flyers insider, the Ivan Fedotov contract was agreed upon before he ever played an NHL game in order to convince him to come to North America.

I know the Fedotov AAV is higher than expected, but the contract was agreed upon prior to the player coming over from Russia.

I'm told that the contract had to be a certain number to get Fedotov to come to North America.

Not ideal, but understandable given the circumstances.

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