Matt Rempe celebrates after scoring his first career NHL playoff goal
Photo credit: Sportsnet

Matt Rempe shares his thoughts on scoring his first NHL playoff goal

Published April 23, 2024 at 7:40

Matt Rempe of the New York Rangers talks about how awesome it was to score his first NHL post season goal, and just what it means to him to have the fans behind him.

Even veteran NHL players talk about how exhilarating it is to be in the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, so you can imagine how it must feel for a rookie. For Matt Rempe, who has quickly endeared himself to New York Rangers fans for his willingess to take on all challengers, his playoff debut couldn't have gone much better.

There was a moment of nerves as Rempe took a penatly in his first career post season shift on the ice. Perhaps the roar of the crowd pumped him a little too full of adrenaline.

Rempe quickly redeemed himself, scoring his first ever goal of the Stanley Cup playoffs just minutes later, as he found himself out in front of the Washington Capitals net all alone, and made no mistake about it. It was the first goal of the series, and gave the Rangers the foundation needed for a 4-1 win over the Caps.

Following the goal, Rempe talked about the roar of the crowd.

"It was awesome. The crowd was absolutely pumping, it was electric, it was unreal."

He said what he'll remember most about the goal was the celebration afterwards.

"All the guys coming and hugging me after. That was pretty cool.

I'm having a blast it's unreal. Coolest building I've ever seen so that and the playoffs it's absolutely wild in there and it's so much fun."

Game 2 of the first round Stanley Cup playoff series between the New York Rangers and Washington Capitals takes place Tuesday night. The Capitals will need to dig deep to get a win against the President's Trophy winners before the hole gets impossible to climb out of.
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