NHL official Steve Kozari.
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Official Steve Kozari returns after horrific injury in regular season

Published April 21, 2024 at 9:05 PM

The NHL is a brutal league, and that counts for officials too, who welcome back Steve Kozari after a horrific injury suffered during the regular season.

There's plenty of storylines going on in the NHL during the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but one that shouldn't be ignored is the return of official Steve Kozari, who will take the ice for the Nashville Predators vs. Vancouver Canucks game.

Media notes for #Canucks & #Preds Game #1 tonight show referee Steve Kozari is set to work alongside Kyle Rehman. Kozari was seriously injured at beginning of Apr. in collision during PIT vs TBL game. In his #NHL career, Kozari has worked 136 playoff games & 4 #StanleyCup Finals.

This is notable because Kozari was stretchered from the ice during the regular season this year after accidentally colliding with Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Haydn Fleury.

Replay of the collision between referee Steve Kozari and Haydn Fleury. Kozari was responsive as he was stretchered off the ice.

Unfortunately, Kozari wasn't able to officiate another regular season game this year, but returns for the playoffs after being cleared of any serious injury during the incident. This is great news for Kozari and the NHL, and we hope to see him stay healthy in what should be a fantastic playoff run this year for the NHL.

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Major update on Steve Kozari after horrific injury during Pens game
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