Mob forming between New York Rangers and Washington Capitals
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Rangers players leave the bench to go after Trevor Van Riemsdyk

Published April 21, 2024 at 6:24 PM

The New York Rangers made waves this season as an elite team, yet in their first playoff game against the Washington Capitals, they surprised fans with their mob mentality in going after Trevor Van Riemsdyk.

The New York Rangers have demonstrated what it means to be an elite NHL this season, reasonably earning them this year's president's trophy. However, their collective mindset rubbed some fans the wrong way, after the entire team went after Capitals defenseman Trevor Van Riemsdyk.

"Caps players had to come back onto the ice because Trevor Van Riemsdyk was getting into it with the entire Rangers team 😳"

This mob formed after the end of the second period of their first playoff matchup game when Trevor Van Riemsdyk argued with Rangers left-winger Chris Kreider. Following this short skirmish, the Rangers surrounded the player, who had to be joined by fellow Washington Capitals teammates.

"Trevor van Riemsdyk and Tom Wilson just mixed it up with essentially the whole #NYR team around center ice.

Physicality picked up a ton in that period.

This 3rd should be fun.

Goodrow and Cuylle are getting under the Caps skin."

Despite this intermission showdown between the two teams, the Capitals could not intimidate the team enough to pull back against the Rangers, losing 1-4. The two teams will face off once for their second game in their first-round playoff series Tuesday evening. With how his game turned out, Washington will surely need one more player willing to stand up against the New York team.

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