Matt Rempe gets called for a penalty after hitting Beck Malenstyn
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Matt Rempe takes controversial penalty on his first ever playoff shift

Published April 21, 2024 at 3:48 PM

Matt Rempe of the New York Rangers made a quick impact in game one of his team's first round series against the Washington Capitals, getting called for a penalty.

Every young guy taking part in their first NHL playoff game hopes to make an immediate impact. Noted tough guy Matt Rempe did just that for the New York Rangers, taking a penalty on his first shift.

Early in the game, Rempe got his first taste of hockey in the post season. Perhaps his adrenaline was running high, because he pasted Beck Malenstyn of the Washington Capitals to the boards.

"Matt Rempe takes a penalty in his 1st shift in the playoffs 😅"

The official call on the play was two minutes for charging. Honestly, it seemed more like boarding than that. Either way, Rempe put his team down early, although no harm was done on the scoreboard.

"All things considered Matt Rempe might be the funniest player in NHL history. 90 feet tall and just swarmed by cops every time he steps on the ice."

Rempe has been notable for his willingness to drop the gloves with pretty much anyone who issues a challenge. He doesn't aways come out on the winning end. but Rempe has yet to back down. He made sure to stick to his normal routine before his first ever NHL playoff game. Rempe has become a fan favourite with Rangers faithful for his spirit.

"#NYR Matt Rempe doing his typical pregame routine, sitting on the bench jamming out to music.

Hard to hear, but some fans that are in the building early have been cheering his name trying to get attention.

73 getting ready for his first Playoff game."

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