Toronto Maple Leafs after loss in game one against the Bruins
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Biznasty, Kevin Bieksa and Jake Allen ridicule the Maple Leafs

Published April 21, 2024 at 8:40

For lack of a better word, the Toronto Maple Leafs were humiliated last night in game one against the Boston Bruins. Terrible performances throughout the lineup led to a 5-1 loss, and broadcasters Paul Bissonnette, Kevin Bieksa, and Jake Allen made sure to rub it in.

Firstly, Paul Bissonnette, or Biznasty made these comments on Toronto Maple Leafs forward Pontus Holmberg, and defenseman Simon Benoit who had absolutely disastrous games:

"Just horrible defending here on the strong side," said Bissonnette of Holmberg. "Holmberg gives him way too much time and space, you're supposed to direct him down low."

"Don't let that shot end up going far side if you're the defender," said Bissonnette of Benoit's mistake on the play. "Block that shot from the far side perspective and give your goalie the strong side of the net. And what happens? A perfect screen by not only Benoit but by Morgan Geekie in front of the net and it's 3-0."

Kevin Bieksa and Jake Allen, who were co-hosting a panel made these comments on the lack of communication between the Maple Leafs' defense and goaltending:

"We don't like this as a defenseman goalie relationship," began Bieksa while acknowledging NHL goalie Jake Allen in studio. "I really think when a guy walks off the half-wall the D's job is to take away the far side of the net and make him shoot short side.

"When DeBrusk lines up here for Benoit, Benoit is playing for a down low pass and there's nobody even there... Geekie is even showing his stick, everybody knows he's shooting there."

"Part of that is Holmberg who is the up high forward," added Bieksa. "If he crowds DeBrusk, DeBrusk doesn't walk right in and change his angle and make that a lot harder on Benoit... so it's not just Benoit."

Jake Allen, who was traded to the New Jersey Devils at the trade deadline fired shots at the Toronto Maple Leafs system:

"Generally that's the rule of thumb,"

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Bieksa, Bissonnette call out 2 Maple Leafs after a brutal Game 1.
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