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Kyle Dubas opens up about Sidney Crosby's future in Pittsburgh

Published April 20, 2024 at 11:34

With the Penguins season being over, and Sidney Crosby set to go into contract negotiation, Kyle Dubas opened up about his future as a Pittsburgh Penguin.

Sidney Crosby is hockey in Pittsburgh. He has been the face of the Penguins since he was drafted there first overall back in 2005, and has been the face when they won Stanley Cups for the City in 2009, 2016, and 2017. To imagine Crosby playing anywhere else is bananas, and not a future anyone in hockey really can think of.

However, Crosby is entering into the final year of a 12-year contract with the Penguins, meaning he is set for an extension this summer. He is in a unique situation, coming to the likely end of his career given his age, but also still having a lot of production in the tank, scoring 42 goals and 52 assists for 92 points this year. He will definitely still command a high salary, however, the question is if Kyle Dubas wants to give it to him or rebuild from scratch.

Now, Dubas has revealed that he wants Sidney Crosby to spend his entire career in Pittsburgh, putting to rest any doubters that thought he might not try and make it work.

"The intention has always been clear," Dubas said earlier today. "I think he should finish his career with the Pittsburgh Penguins. How long that is? I'm not going to put any limits on Sidney Crosby. He's capable of great things and is still performing at an extraordinarily high level."

Crosby also talked about a potential extension to the media, saying that he will obviously have the conversations with Dubas and hopes that his game is evaluated for his production and not necessarily his age.

"Obviously, I'm going to talk to Kyle and have a conversation with him," Crosby said. "We'll see. Obviously, at my age, and things like that, there will be a lot of factors. I don't look any differently at how much longer I can play based off that. It's always just evaluating my game for what it is, not my age."

Kyle Dubas certainly has his work cut out for him this offseason, as he looks to bring the Penguins back to the postseason after missing the playoffs for two years in a row.

As seen on Hockey Feed - Kyle Dubas directly addresses Sidney Crosby's future with Penguins
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