Pittsburgh Penguins General Manager Kyle Dubas during a press conference.
Photo credit: Reddit

Kyle Dubas throws defenseman Ryan Graves under the bus

Published April 19, 2024 at 1:00 PM

After a disappointing first season as General Manager of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Kyle Dubas just shared some blunt comments on one of his signings, Ryan Graves.

The Pittsburgh Penguins were supposed to be a team that was going to make a comeback this year, pushing for another year in contention as Sidney Crosby continues to age out of the league. Despite a stellar season from the Penguins Captain, and some big moves from Dubas at the beginning of the season to bring in defenseman Erik Karlsson, the Penguins failed to make the playoffs.

Now, Dubas has shared some blunt comments on another one of his signings, Ryan Graves. Graves struggled this year on defence for the Penguins, and Dubas was honest with the media about his performance.

Kyle Dubas on Graves: "With Ryan, there's no dancing around it. He was a very good player in Colorado and New Jersey... He came in and from the beginning, I thought, 'it happens'. Did I expect it to go the whole year? No. Part of that is on us as an organization, but it's as much on Ryan to push and find his way through the summer. It's a massive summer for him. His strength, which will allow him to be more physical and make stops in the defensive zone, his mobility - he's going to have to push and really work on that. We have to arm him with the path to get there and he has to execute it relentlessly and if he can do that, he will get back to being the player he was when we signed him."

If anything, at least Kyle Dubas is honest about his players. This is an incredible insight into the thought process of a GM when a player is struggling. However, he is placing a lot of onus on Graves here, which is probably fair considering it is his responsibility to improve.

The Penguins have a long way to come, and it is surely going to be a busy offseason for Kyle Dubas as he moulds the team to his liking.
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