The future home of the NHL in Utah.
Photo credit: The Salt Lake Tribune

NHL Utah earns more season ticket holders than Coyotes in two-hours

Published April 18, 2024 at 6:29 PM

The NHL coming to Utah is causing a major buzz, and now it's clear that the demand is there only a few hours after releasing season tickets.

There's been plenty of emotion surrounding the Arizona Coyotes move to Utah, and after playing in a building that didn't even hold 5,000 people for years, it appears the players will see a much different atmosphere in 2024-25. According to a report, NHL Utah has sold over 6,000 season tickets already, despite being opened just two hours ago.

Wow! Over 6,000 season tickets deposits in first 2 hours👀.
Utah is amazing!

While Utah is a completely new market for the NHL, the demand is clearly there, as it appears they are certainly on track for 10,000 season ticket holders or more in a building that will hold approximately 12,000 fans. With a young, exciting core highlighted by Josh Doan, Clayton Keller, Logan Cooley and others, this team will likely go all in for a playoff push this summer, and it's safe to say that hockey in Utah will be must watch next season.

The team doesn't yet have branding or even an official announcement with a potential uniform or colour scheme, but excitement for hockey in a new market is high, so this should be a thrilling summer.
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