The NHL is coming to Salt Lake City.
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Name of Utah's new NHL team leaks

Published April 18, 2024 at 5:34 PM

The Salt Lake City area is on the verge of getting its first ever hockey team, and now they have revealed what they will be called going forward.

While their was plenty of sadness as Arizona bid farewell to their Coyotes, the excitement will ramp up in the coming months as we look forward to the first iteration of Utah NHL. Unfortunately, despite all of the creative names and brands floating around the internet, it doesn't appear as though we'll get something creative like that in year one, as Ryan Smith has revealed how this team will look in 2024-25.

The new team will be called "Utah" rather than "Salt Lake City."

Don't expect a mascot and official team nickname until Season 2 of the franchise. NHL wants the team to have plenty of time to get it right.

Just "Utah?"

"Utah HC?"

We could know tomorrow, with colors next week.

On paper, this could dim the excitement of many, but in the NFL we saw the now Washington Commanders go by Washington Football team for a season, giving the team and the league plenty of time to flesh out the brand and get everything just right.

Now it has been revealed that several names have been trademarked by the league, but expect something official to come in the near future as the NHL off-season approaches.
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