The Arizona Coyotes have served in the NHL since 1996, previously being known as the Winnipeg Jets.
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Arizona Coyotes' final game of the season causes absurd ticket prices

Published April 16, 2024 at 8:13

Ticket prices have surged for the Arizona Coyotes final game of the season after the announcement of their relocation to Salt Lake City, Utah.

Coyotes' fans take to the outskirts of Mullett Arena to see the final game.

The cheapest seats available were priced at $650 CAD, all on resale. This triggered the fans to get creative and find their own way to view the final game of the season. Unfortunately, this will be last opportunity for Coyotes' fans to watch the team they have supported for almost 30 years on desert soil.

This is what Chase Beardsley of The Hockey Writers on X had to say about fans organizing a whiteout inside the arena and a watch party outside of the arena for fans that are unable to afford tickets,

"Here are some fan updates on the last Coyotes game.

- Fans are organizing a whiteout. It's the Coyotes' playoff tradition where everyone wears white.

- With the high prices as of today (see photos) for tickets, fans are organizing a watch party outside.

#Yotes" Per @ChaseBeardsley_ on X.

Out with the Mullett Arena, in with Delta Arena.

The Coyotes' will most likely play in the Delta Center, which is the home of the Utah Jazz. The Delta Center has hosted preseason hockey games in the past, and there had been a scheduled preseason game to play out on September 23, 2024, between the Los Angeles Kings and the Vegas Golden Knights.

It is likely that the Utah Jazz owner, Ryan Smith, will purchase the Arizona Coyotes. Smith, and Salt Lake City itself has been in a leading position to get an NHL team since as early as 2022 when the Coyotes did not renew a lease at their old rink, Gila River Arena, in Glendale, Arizona. This is when the Coyotes entered a partnership with Arizona State University to share Mullett Arena.

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