Montreal Canadiens forward Cole Caufield
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Cole Caufield humiliates journalist after terrible question

Published April 15, 2024 at 9:38

Right after the 5-4 loss to the Ottawa Senators on Saturday night, Montreal Canadiens forward Cole Caufield completely ridiculed a journalist during a press conference.

Clearly irritated by the loss, especially after fumbling the puck in the shootout, the CH's number 22 didn't mince words when expressing his feelings to the Montreal media.

Having suffered a ninth consecutive defeat against the Senators, he was asked why the Tricolore seemed incapable of beating the Ontario team. However, Cole Caufield lost patience and provided an answer that said it all.

With a very silly expression, the star of the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge simply responded, "It's great," clearly showing that he had no intention of offering a detailed answer to his questioner.

"Crap like this reminds me why I stopped paying attention to press conferences like I used to." - HFTV

His non-verbal language said it all, and we're convinced that the questioner will not pose such a question to the small forward again.

Honestly, I like seeing him not hesitate to put journalists in their place when they ask such absurd questions.

Despite his mistake in the shootout, Cole Caufield had an excellent game with two goals, bringing his total to 27 goals and 37 assists (64 points) in 80 games this season.

Watch the sequence in question right here:

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Malaise: Caufield vient de perdre patience envers un journaliste
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