Photo of Cutter Gauthier during a post game interview
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Cutter Gauthier hit by karma after narcissistic comments

Published April 14, 2024 at 11:50

Former Philadelphia Flyers first round pick Cutter Gauthier, who was traded away from the team earlier this year, has recently come across as incredibly cocky during a pre game interview.

During an interview, Gauthier was asked about his opinion on the upcoming game, he predicted that there will be a lot of emotions and even tears from their opponent, the University of Denver.

"It's gonna be epic. There's gonna be a lot of emotions and a lot of tears for that team over there. So, we're happy and we're excited to get after it."

Gauthier and Boston College lost the game 2-0 to the University of Denver. It seems that Gauthier's pre game confidence only took the team so far. Gauthier has had an impressive season with Boston College and a strong performance at the World Juniors, it is likely that Gauthier will join the NHL and sign with the Anaheim Ducks. Gauthier recently said that he has not spoken to the Ducks recently.

"Yeah, I'm not too sure. I haven't spoken to Ducks at all recently, so not too sure what's going on there and what their thoughts are, but you know, just trying to cherish every last moment as being a college athlete."

It is important for an athlete to be confident in their abilities as well as the abilities of their team, but Gauthier seemed to be too confident in his and his team's abilities prior to the game against Denver. Perhaps he can use this incident as a lesson on confidence, and will learn to tone down on cocky comments as his career continues.

Source - Bladeofsteel: Karma hits Gauthier after cocky comments prior to Frozen Four
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