Arizona Coyotes black Kachina jersey hung up in a locker stall.
Photo credit: ABC 15 Arizona

Arizona Coyotes caught using artificial intelligence for statement

Published April 14, 2024 at 9:24

This afternoon the Arizona Coyotes released a statement addressing the potential relocation of the franchise to Salt Lake City. Shortly after the statement from owner Alex Meruelo was released it was torn to shreds for being written by AI

The Arizona Coyotes have been surrounded in controversy and questions for days now. Reports keep surfacing linking them to a move to Salt Lake City. Today owner Alex Meruelo released a statement addressing the situation.

The statement apologizes to fans for the concern and worry they are currently going through. It also points out that there are several unresolved issues in the situation.

Minutes after the statement was released one user on X discovered that the statement supposedly written by the Coyotes matches 100% to an AI written statement.

How sorry can you really be if the entire thing was written by ChatGPT?

If this was in fact written by AI then it's another massive misstep by an Arizona Coyotes franchise that cannot get anything right lately. Regardless the Coyotes seem to be on their way to Salt Lake City and the NHL will be rid of this ownership group at least for the time being.
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