New Anaheim Ducks #66 Sam Colangelo
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Anaheim Ducks rookie breaks hockey code with controversial jersey

Published April 12, 2024 at 9:08 PM

The Anaheim Ducks rookie forward Sam Colangelo has shocked NHL fans everywhere after breaking a major hockey code by donning a controversial jersey number.

Sam Colangelo was drafted by the Anaheim Ducks in the second round of the 2020 NHL draft and has now signed a two-year entry-level contract already in effect. However, the player's choice of jersey number 66 has garnered vitriol, as it was the same that legendary center Mario Lemieux wore.

"F Sam Colangelo will wear jersey number 66 for the Anaheim Ducks. Number never worn before in team history. #FlyTogether"

Colangelo would be only one of three players to wear the jersey number since Lemieux retired from the league in 2006. He is joined by Josh Ho-Sang of the New York Islanders and TJ Brodie of the Calgary Flames.

"Believe Colangelo would be just the third player to wear number 66 since Mario Lemieux retired in 2006. He would join Josh Ho-Sang (2016-18 with the Islanders) and TJ Brodie (2010-11 with the Flames)."

Fans are split on this controversial number. Some believe the player's use of this jersey is a huge disrespect to Lemieux and the number should be retired league-wide. Others assert using this number is acceptable, as Lemieux never played for Anaheim. Another group pokes fun at the entirety of the situation, relating it to how terribly fans treated Josh Ho-Sang during his time as number 66.

While this could have been a chance for the jersey to lose some of its rarity on the ice, the backlash has forced the player to change the number to 64, last worn by Jacob Perreault.

"Update: F Sam Colangelo switches from jersey number 66 to number 64 for the Anaheim Ducks. Number last worn by Jacob Perreault in 2021-22. #FlyTogether"

While this may not be the best scenario for Coleangelo, it surely brought the conversation about the possible retirement of Lemieux's jersey number. It may also open the door for discussing other official bans on numbers of other legendary players in the future.
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