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Shocking developments emerge on unpaid depts by the Coyotes

Published April 12, 2024 at 3:04 PM

Shocking new developments emerged concerning the Arizona Coyotes' unpaid debts as relocation rumours surround the organization.

According to a report from Frank Seravalli, earlier this season, the Coyotes weren't paing their hotel bills across NHL cities. The League even had to ask the Coyotes to pay for their hotels upfront:

"Seravalli said earlier in the season Coyotes weren't paying their hotel bills and hotels around the league banded together and demanded Coyotes paid for their hotel stays upfront with a certified cheque."

Considering all the fuss around the League about the Coyotes possibly relocating to Salt Lake City, this only adds fuel to the fire.

"BREAKING: Sources tell DailyFaceoff - NHL, Arizona Coyotes & Smith Entertain. Grp have made significant progress on the framework of an agreement to relocate #Yotes to Salt Lake City, Utah.

#NHL memo updated Governors today.

NOT done. Many layers and lawyers. Much work to do."

"NEWS: If ArizonaCoyotes relocate to Utah, an NHL source says that Coyotes owner could sell team to the league for $1 billion; and the NHL would sell the franchise to Jazz owner Ryan Smith for $1.3B. Owners would split $300M."

Do you think the Coyotes will relocate to Salt Lake City this summer?
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