Arizona Coyotes jerseys hanging in the Coyotes dressing room prior to a game.
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Coyotes organization under fire for treatment of players

Published April 11, 2024 at 11:47

The Arizona Coyotes are on thin ice with the NHL already, and this new report of their treatment of players could have just sent them over the edge.

With the news breaking yesterday of the Arizona Coyotes potentially moving to Salt Lake City, the Arizona Coyotes owners are under fire for how this whole story has gone down. Reportedly, the NHL is coming up with 2 schedules for next season, one that would have the Coyotes play in Arizona, and one that would have them move to Salt Lake City.

While this sounds like a good contingency plan, it leaves both players and their families in the dark. This is especially terrible when you think about how an entire team of families doesn't know if they have to pack up and move to an entirely new City, enroll their kids in a new school, and all of the pain that goes into moving.

Now, it has been reported that players and families are not happy with how this has gone down so far.

"Hearing some frustration and fear from NHL families across multiple teams about the abruptness of relocation reports, the prospect of moving families to SLC (Salt Lake City), and generally the way this has all gone down. Folks are not happy."

" This doesn't mean anyone hates the city or wouldn't move there. It's about how things are getting done. "

The Arizona Coyotes are showing their inability to properly run the franchise yet again. First, it was the failure to come up with a credible and actionable plan to build a proper NHL arena until the 11th hour. Now, their lack of communication with their players is telling of how things are run.

As seen on Blade of Steel - NHL players, families frustrated with how Coyotes story is unfolding
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