Montreal Canadiens forward Cole Caufield
Photo credit: The Hockey Writers

Canadiens reporter addresses rumours of Cole Caufield's bad behaviour

Published April 5, 2024 at 2:54 PM

It's been a heated few hours on BPM Sports with the presence of Renaud Lavoie. The journalist lost his temper over Cole Caufield.

Recently, in the media, Caufield's nightlife has been a topic of conversation, notably because of his frequent presence in certain bars and restaurants in Montreal.

Although the 23-year-old Canadiens forward is an exemplary athlete and a true professional, this situation has drawn attention, and some dishonest individuals have even suggested that his "bad season" could be justified by his "bad lifestyle habits."

I'm approaching this with extreme caution, as for me, none of this is problematic, and Renaud Lavoie precisely delivered a serious message regarding the rumors about number 22.

«I apologize for the term, and I'll avoid swearing, but it's bullshit, it's complete bullshit.»

«Cole Caufield, to me, is a young hockey player who behaves like a professional. I've never seen Cole Caufield and thought he had a tough night the day before.»

«Even yesterday, Cole Caufield didn't participate in the morning practice, but he was (as usual) at the edge of the ice, with a smile, cheering on his teammates, attentive to what's happening on the ice, and with an exemplary attitude.»

«Come on! This witch hunt... Are you okay? The life of hockey players today, in 2024, is a lot more boring than it was 15-20 years ago.» - Renaud Lavoie

Frankly, I completely agree with the TVA Sports journalist on Caufield.

It's absolutely not a problem to enjoy life and go to bars, as long as everything is done reasonably, and that's precisely the case with the sharpshooter.

If players no longer have the right to have fun and unwind during their days off in Montreal, none of them will want to play here in the long term.

It's time to be fair and let the players have a bit of space to live their lives.

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