OHL Announces Last-Minute Scheduling Changes for Next Week

Published April 3, 2024 at 3:47 PM
Due to the upcoming solar eclipse on April 8th, the OHL has announced a change in the schedule for one of the first-round series of their playoffs

The Ontario Hockey League has recently published a press release on their official website announcing that the league is rescheduling two games in the Erie Otters/Kitchener Rangers series because of the solar eclipse, which is happening on April 8th.

It is impossible to outright cancel the two games, since they are necessary because of the status of the series. The league has decided to push both of the games forward by one day. Game 6, which was originally supposed to take place on April 8th in Erie, Pennsylvania, has been pushed forward to Tuesday, April 9th. Game 7, which was originally supposed to take place on April 9th in Kitchener, Ontario, has been pushed forward to Wednesday, April 10th.

"The Ontario Hockey League today announced two scheduling changes affecting potential sixth and seventh games between the Kitchener Rangers and Erie Otters should their ongoing first round playoff series require them as necessary.


In an effort to avoid logistical challenges affecting travel presented by the upcoming total solar eclipse on Monday, April 8th, the League has announced that potential Games 6 and 7 of the series will be re-assigned from their originally scheduled dates of Monday, April 8th and Tuesday, April 9th to the following dates:

Game 6, if necessary, is rescheduled for Tuesday, April 9th at 7:00pm in Erie
Game 7, if necessary, is rescheduled for Wednesday, April 10th at 8:00pm in Kitchener" The OHL said.

The OHL states that the reason they decided to move the games forward was because of logistical issues, specifically referring to the one million people expected to visit Niagara Falls, Ontario to view the solar eclipse. This sudden influx of people has resulted in the Niagara region to pre-emptively declare a state of emergency.

The Kitchener Rangers are currently beating the Erie Otters 2-1 in the series. NHL fans should be paying close attention to the Rangers, because their roster features future NHL prospects, including Filip Mesar, the first-round pick for the Montreal Canadiens as well as Eduard Sale, who was picked in the first round by the Seattle Kraken.

Source - BladeofSteel: League announces scheduling changes due to Solar Eclipse