Tampa Bay Lightning announce surprise backup for Andrei Vasilevskiy

Published April 1, 2024 at 5:24 PM
There may be a new face in tonight's April Fools game between Tampa Bay and Detroit, as Lightning EBUG Kyle Konin is currently preparing for potential time on the ice.

Young hockey fans everywhere usually only dream of playing a real NHL game, with most players only able to make it into recreational leagues. However, after John Cooper shared the status of Jonas Johansson, one EBUG learned today that he would be on call for the Tampa Bay Lightning in tonight's game against the Red Wings.

"There is a little concern on JJ so we have the EBUG on call here and we will see what happens but nothing, I think, super long term but concerning that it may have an effect on him backing up tonight"


The leadership at Tampa Bay is no stranger to pulling players from the lineup when needed, and with Johansson in and out of commission for his lower-body injury, Konin is looking at a better chance at time on the ice than when he was previously asked to goaltend for the St. Louis Blues in 2021. If given the opportunity, this would be Koni's first game since playing with Grand Valley State University in their 2019-2020 season.

"NEWS: EBUG Kyle Konin will serve as the backup goaltender tonight in place of Jonas Johansson.

Konin's last game was in 2019-20 for Grand Valley State University, and he served as the backup for the St. Louis Blues on Dec. 2, 2021 against Tampa.


Provided the rarity of the situation, Konin initially thought the call was a prank.

Konin said he had heard rumors that he may have to prepare for the game before being given the official announcement. However, when he shared this with his father, he had to check to ensure it was not a prank, which brought the whole room to laughter.

"I texted my dad and my family group chat, and they're like 'They're pranking you, it's April Fools' and I was like 'Oh, no way!' I thought for sure, and then I was like, I think I told Pat, I was like, 'If this is a joke, 'I'm not coming back tonight'"

Thankfully for Konin, this was not a joke, and though it is not a sure thing, we may see him dressed out for the game tonight. The Tampa Bay Lightning and Detroit Red Wings are currently standing at 13th and 18th in the league respectively will face off tonight at 7:00 EST.

Source - Hockey Feed
EBUG learns he may have to get ready on April Fools!