Sidney Crosby taking a faceoff during a game for the Pittsburgh Penguins.
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Sidney Crosby throws a tantrum after fight with coaching staff

Published March 29, 2024 at 3:06 PM

Sidney Crosby is known for his level-headed leadership in Pittsburgh, however, with the current state of the Penguins, his frustrations got the best of him after an altercation with the Penguins coaching staff.

It's safe to say the Pittsburgh Penguins' season is not going as they had planned it would back in September. When the Penguins made the blockbuster trade for Erik Karlsson, it signalled to the league that they were going all in for one final run with Crosby.

However, the season has not played out that way, and the Penguins are set to miss the playoffs for the second year in a row. That frustration has seemed to get to Sidney Crosby, who was visibly upset at the Penguins coaching staff on the bench during a game.

I don't ever remember seeing Sid go at a head coach like this. Waving his hands dismissing Sullivan's tired ass. Crazy time in Pens-land

Crosby is the face of hockey pretty much globally, and there is no question about the weight he holds in the Pittsburgh Penguins organization. It's clear that he is frustrated with how things are going this year, which is a heavy weight for the Penguins to bear. He has already shared his mixed feelings regarding the Guentzel trade at the deadline.

While Crosby is not set to retire in the immediate future, this is especially saddening because the Penguins are highly unlikely to be a contending team again soon enough for Crosby to still be a part of it, as he has revealed he would like to retire in Pittsburgh. This marks a clear end of an era in Pittsburgh, and it doesn't look like it will end on a particularly high note.

As seen on Hawks Insider - "Sidney Crosby begins kicking and screaming following altercation"
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