Montreal Canadiens' affiliate team to officially relocate

Published March 27, 2024 at 10:38
The Montreal Canadiens' ECHL affiliate team, the Trois-Rivière Lions, will officially relocate.

The Lions are set to play their last game ever this weekend.

Montreal Canadiens' ECHL affiliate, the Trois-Rivieres Lions, to play their last game ever this weekend

According to a new report, the Canadiens' ECHL affiliate is set to relocate this summer.


Morale was once very high for the franchise in Trois-Rivieres, with womens hockey legend Marie Philip-Poulin having nearly played for the team.

Alexis Samson, a Montreal radio host mentionned on the air that the team held a meeting with its employees to discuss the situation.

"EXCLUSIVE - The Trois-Rivières Lions could play their last game ever this weekend!!

Team employees were met for this purpose today.

Details tomorrow at 7:45 AM on 106.9 FM Mauricie

- Alexis Samson"

Then, it was suggested that the Lions could relocate to Blainville, a small town closer to Montreal:

"We're hearing that the @Lions3r, the Montreal Canadiens ECHL team, will no longer exist after this season. Interesting to see where they go, Blainville maybe?"

The Trois-Rivieres Lions' organization was created only two years ago, but financial struggles could force Deacon Sports & Entertainment, the owner of the team, to sell soon. In fact, the League set April 2nd as the deadline to sell the team.

"The bill now amounts to approximately 1.1 million dollars. Even if it does not pay its rent, according to the lease, DSE pockets the revenues from advertising sales at the Coliseum, from food concessions (with some exceptions, like during a non-commercial event) and from the souvenir shop.

The ECHL has set April 2nd as the deadline for DSE to sell the Lions."

With less than a week before the deadline, expect news on the situation to emerge soon.

Stay tuned for futher developments.

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