Ilya Samsonov Being Attended By Medical Personnel
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Ilya Samsonov Leaves Game With Scary Injury

Published March 23, 2024 at 10:47 PM

After Leon Draisaitl of the Oilers initiates a successful shot on goal, Samsonov stretches out in an attempt to block the shot. However, his maneuver left him on the ice, unable to get without medical attention.

"Ilya Samsonov is hurt"

"Ilya Samsonov appeared to suffer a lower-body injury stretching to attempt to make a save, and has left the game"

After his time on waivers for the AHL, this could be the worst-case scenario for his chance at redemption. Given how bad the injury seems by everyone's reaction, it could mean a longer recovery time. For the remainder of the game, Samsonov had to be replaced by Martin Jones.

"Ilya Samsonov is down and injured pretty bad."

"Ilya Samsonov was injured on the play and has been replaced by Martin Jones."

Despite how this looked to most of us, his head coach seemed to think he was fine. Though he did not add, we can deduce that pulling him was more precautionary than anything.

"Sheldon Keefe says it looks like Ilya Samsonov is fine.
Didn't provide much more."

Not to be discouraged, the game ended with the Maple Leafs victorious 6-3. Yet, the team and fans were quick to focus more of their attention on the player's health and recovery and less on their success.

"The Leafs hang on!!!

The focus now shifts to Ilya Samsonov's health."

Stay tuned as more updates are made.
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