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Heartbreaking Update Confirmed for NHL Referee Who Was Injured

Published March 23, 2024 at 5:46 PM

NHL referee Kevin Pollock has officiated his last game after suffering a seaon-ending knee injury. This was confirmed by TSN broadcaster Gord Miller today. This unfortunately means he will not a get a traditional retirement game.

NHL referee leaves game early with serious knee injury

Pollock injured his knee on a play last month when Sabres forward Jordan Greenway inadvertently slid into him after losing his balance. The referee was along the boards and had no where to go to try to avoid the contact. While plays like this are quite common in the NHL, this particular incident had the most unfortunate outcome.

Referee Kevin Pollock - already slated to retire at the end of the NHL season - reportedly suffered a career-ending knee injury last month during a game between the Anaheim Ducks and Buffalo Sabres:

Pollock was slated to retire this season. The NHL has a tradition where officials get to choose which game they want to be their last and they get to hand pick the rest of the crew. The only rule is it must be a regular season game. These games are typically toward the end of the regular season. In this case though, Pollock won't be able to have one.

Sad news that veteran NHL referee Kevin Pollock has suffered a serious knee injury that will end his season and his career. Kevin was retiring this year but the injury will prevent him from working a «retirement game» where he would have picked the officiating crew and location.

Pollock was one of the most senior officials in the entire league, having officiated more than 1600 regular season games and more than 200 playoff games. Those marks have him in the top ten all-time when it comes to NHL games officiated.

#Kincardine native Kevin Pollock has worked final @NHL game, it was reported today. He injured his knee last month in a BUF-ANA game. He reffed 1,608 regular season games + 219 playoff games (6th most all-time). Great ref, great guy. We love him here in Kinc!

Former NHL referee finds new career after season-ending injury

Luckily for Pollock, it isn't all bad news. The former NHL ref has extended his career by offering his services to the brand new Professional Women's Hockey League (PWHL). He will stay with the PWHL for the remainder of the season in the league's situation room where they conduct video reviews, much like the NHL's situation room in Toronto.

The good news is that Pollock is lending his expertise to the @thepwhlofficial, working in the PWHL command centre overseeing coach's challenges and video reviews.

The PWHL has had a successful first season, promoting Women's hockey better than any league before it. The league has generated unprecedented support from fans in their first season. The PWHL announced a game to be held in Montreal's Bell Center where tickets sold out within minutes. This proves that the future of women's hockey is bright. Hopefully they are able to maintain this level of success as they continue to grow the game for women and girls everywhere.

Source: Terrible update on veteran referee Kevin Pollock
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