BREAKING: Ryan Reaves Breaks The Silence On His Fight With Matt Rempe

Published March 4, 2024 at 11:44
Today Ryan Reaves decided to speak about his epic fight against Matt Rempe from late last week.

Reaves Breaks The Silence On His Fight With Rempe

Ryan Reaves and Matt Rempe engaged in what was most likely the most anticipated fight of the decade. Rempe and Reaves hype up the fight pre-game and they eventually delivered. Now Reaves spoke about the fight and his impressions of Rempe.

First up Reaves spoke about the events leading up to the fight. This includes Rempe's initial rejection, Ilya Lyubushkin's injury, and their eventual fight.


Reaves said he wanted to get the Rempe fight out of the way early, given the hype, but the Ranger wouldn't go. But the Lyubushkin hit changed the temperature. Said he enjoyed their penalty box banter and it's a good sign that «fighting isn't dead» and was a crowd pleaser.

Then Reaves commented on the fight itself. He compliments Rempe for giving him the longest fight he has had in his career.

Ryan Reaves says he didn't fall asleep till 6:30 am after fighting Matt Rempe. Figures he's the longest opponent he's ever fought. «He's going to be a menace in this league.»

Finally, Reaves talked out conversations he had with Matt Rempe in the penalty box. According to Reaves, the two were friendly and he told Rempe to keep up the good work. He is proud to know that fighting is not dead in the sport of hockey.

Ryan Reaves on his conversation with Matt Rempe in the penalty box after Saturday's fight.

Called him a «really nice kid.»

«It shows fighting's not dead in this sport. People still get amped up for it.»

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This fight has likely begun a modern-day rivalry between Reaves and Rempe on the ice. Off the ice, there is nothing but respect and it will be interesting to see how many more times they match up in their careers.