Former NHL Referee Admits He is Biased Against the Maple Leafs Organization

Published March 4, 2024 at 9:27
This former referee just went on a tirade on social media, showing without a question that he is biased against the Toronto Maple Leaf organization.

Tim Peel Goes on a Social Media Rant Against the Toronto Maple Leafs

The Leafs versus Rangers game on Saturday was electric, with a massive fight between Ryan Reaves and Matt Rempe, and an exciting finish in a shootout. However, all anyone can talk about from the game is the hit that Rempe delivered on newly acquired Leaf Ilya Lyubushkin.

The hit went uncalled during the game, and replay shows that Rempe took a few strides and left his feet to deliver the hit. This left Leaf fans questioning why there wasn't a call on the ice, and if there will be punishment as a result of the hit.


Would like to know how this isn't considered charging. Rempe took like 6 strides before delivering this hit.

However, Tim Peel, former NHL referee, went on a social media tirade against the Leafs and their fans for suggesting that the play should result in a penalty.

Paul Bissonnette Doesn't Think the Hit Deserved a Penalty Either

Paul Bissonnette, a more respected media voice for Leaf fans, also didn't think the hit deserved any supplemental punishment. He thinks that this type of play by Rempe will earn him a spot on the lineup come playoff time.

Not a suspension. He's the closest forechecker to him and he just puts on the burners. Rempe could turn a playoff series around with a few of these types of hits. He's a mutant. Valuable if he keeps toeing the line the way he has.

Either way, the Leafs were able to get the last laugh in the win against the Rangers in a shootout.

As seen on Hockey Feed - "Former NHL referee Tim Peel mocks fans in Toronto."