Highly Drafted Russian Prospect Terminates His Contract In Russia To Come To The NHL

Published February 28, 2024 at 12:48
This morning a new piece of news has come out regarding one of the top drafted Russian prospects. According to a new report, the player has terminated his KHL contract to make his way to North America.

Top HK Sochi Player Terminates His Contract To Come To America

Today a post on X has confirmed that HK Sochi forward Marat Khusnutdinov has decided to terminate his KHL contract with the approval of the team. The move comes as Khusnutdinov is expected to come over to North America and sign with the Minnesota Wild.

#mnwild Marat Khusnutdinov's contract with HC Sochi has been terminated early

His agent requested to terminate the contract early on his clients request

In April, Sochi plans to make a qualifying offer to Khusnutdinov to retain his rights

This is the first time since the KHL has put a stranglehold on their young players coming to America that a player has been let out of his contract early. This move by HK Sochi has given hope to other fanbases that their player could follow suit.

Will Other Russian Prospects Follow Khusnutdinov's Lead?

Russian prospects coming to the NHL have always been a hot topic to discuss. This has become even more of a hot-button issue in the last couple of years. With Marat Khusnutdinov's move could others follow his lead?

One prospect in particular who could make this move is fellow Sochi teammate Matvei Michkov. Michkov's scenario is more complicated as he is signed with SKA St. Petersburg who is less willing to let players go.

As the offseason begins it will be interesting to see if the Philadelphia Flyers try and pull Michkov out of Russia or if they just let things go another season.

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