Elias Pettersson's Teammates Comment On His Future As Trade Rumours Pick Up

Published February 28, 2024 at 10:31
Last night a ton of discussion picked up regarding the contract negotiations for Elias Pettersson. The media asked Pettersson and his teammates about the negotiations.

Pettersson's Teammates Speak On His Future

After their loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins Elias Pettersson and his teammates spoke to the media. Pettersson's teammates were asked about the contract negotiations between the Canucks and Pettersson. Their answers gave insight on the process and Pettersson's handling of it.

First up to speak was captain and Norris Trophy candidate Quinn Hughes. Hughes spoke highly of Pettersson while dispelling that they pay attention to any of the rumors.


Me and Petey are pretty close, started Hughes. He has been a superstar here since he came in the league and he knows how to deal with things. Nobody even looks at any of that stuff (speculation) and nobody even cares.

After speaking to Hughes, the next player asked about the scenario was Brock Boeser.

There's obviously a lot (of speculation) and Petey has kind of gone through this before. He just has to focus on his game and continue to work hard. He's a pro. He knows how he's playing or if he needs to play better, or whatever it is.

Boeser acknowledges the speculation but confirms that it has not and will not impact Pettersson or the team as a whole. Eventually, it was finally time for Pettersson to speak for himself on the situation.

Pettersson Breaks His Silence About Contract Negotiations

When speaking about his future with the Vancouver Canucks Elias Pettersson confirmed he is happy to be in Vancouver and wants to help this team win.

«I'm happy. It's a great city to play in,» he said. «Obviously, there have been some down years, but I want to finish the season well and I'll deal with what's ahead.

He then says he does not like to look ahead too far when it comes to his future. He says he likes to live in the moment and focus on his play.

«I don't like to focus too much on what's ahead. I like to live in the moment.»

These interviews give us the biggest update we have been provided on Pettersson's situation in quite some time. It sounds as though Pettersson is staying in Vancouver at least for this season. As the season continues it will be interesting to see if these conversations change.

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