Sheldon Keefe Refuses To Answer Questions About Events That Led To His Ejection

Published February 28, 2024 at 10:31
Last night Sheldon Keefe was ejected from the Toronto Maple Leafs game against the Vegas Golden Knights. After the game, Keefe addressed the media and was asked about the situation. His answers or lack thereof have led to a lot of discussion.

Keefe Ejected After Being Seen Arguing With Referees

Near the end of the third period in a loss to the Vegas Golden Knights Sheldon Keefe was ejected from the game. After being ejected Keefe can be seen arguing and yelling at referees.

Sheldon Keefe has been handed a game misconduct.


The Maple Leafs would go on to lose the game 6-2 and Keefe would have to address the media about what went down.

Keefe Refuses To Answer Questions About His Ejection

Immediately after the game Sheldon Keefe was asked about his ejection. He decided to give an answer while not saying much at all.

"Not going there, not going there," he answered when pressed.

He would go on to talk about the powerplay differential and things that led up to the incident where he was ejected.

"Power plays are four to one in the game — that's a factor," Keefe continued. "That's not on the officials. That's part of the way the game goes."

While Keefe does not blame the referees for the outcome of the game forward Tyler Bertuzzi is not so convinced the referees weren't at fault.

"The whole arena saw it on the Jumbotron," Leafs forward Tyler Bertuzzi said of the replay. "(Marner) didn't touch him and (Stephenson) kind of just toe-picked on his own."

While this scenario likely will not continue to be talked about beyond today it is interesting to see the different approaches to handling the media between a coach and his player.

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