Maple Leafs Fan Pranks Senators Game By Crossing a Line

Published February 26, 2024 at 9:23 PM
Proposals are often one of the biggest moments in a person's life, and everyone wants them to go as smoothly as possible. Yet, for one unlucky Senators fan, his was ruined on the big screen for everyone to see.

Maple Leafs Fan Crosses Boundary And Ruins Proposal

The Golden Knights and Senators played a game the other night, and one Ottawa fan took his opportunity on the jumbotron to get down on one knee and propose to his girlfriend. However, someone with a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey comes from behind and steals a kiss from the young woman.

In what seems like an attempt to avoid further embarrassment to the situation, the camera cut away before the Senators fan had an opportunity to continue with his proposal or chase the perpetrator. Instead, the last moment he was on screen, he simply had his arms over his head in apparent exasperation. This reaction started to raise some alarm bells from other fans watching the game.

Ruined Proposal Allegedly Staged

While some may see this reaction as natural. others have started taking the actions of not just the Leafs fan, but all the parties involved, into question.

"Some 'fans' just played the Sens I think lol. Proposal cam, and while the guy in a Sens uni was on one knee the guy beside them in a Leafs uni grabbed the girl and made out with her? Very strange and was quickly cut off to the next segment on the jumbotron."

Others have replied to these allegations with some potential information on the aftermath, suggesting that only the two guys were in on the stunt, prompting the Senators to bring out flowers for the young lady.

"Apparently they were supposedly YouTubers who faked this. Girl was not in on it. Sens bought them flowers. Sens will likely not do any more proposal coverage so they've blown it for everyone."

While it still has yet to be confirmed if this was an attempt at a viral moment, fans are probably right that this going to negatively impact future proposal shots. Whether that be with more staged pranks or cutting coverage entirely, the party or parties in question owe an apology to NHL fans everywhere.

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