Connor McDavid Exposes Gary Bettman for His Cheapness

Published February 22, 2024 at 7:54
The NHL All-Stars skills competition is one of the most beloved parts of the season, with hockey fans from all over lining up to find out who will take home the prize. This is why it may come as a shock that, unfortunately, one person in charge of the league does not find it necessary to actually dish out the money.

NHL Commissioner Has Not Paid McDavid For Winning Skills Competition

In the recent All-Stars weekend, Connor McDavid unsurprisingly took home the victory in the skills competition. After winning his fourth and final event, he edged out Cale Makar by 5 points.

"The final event winner of the night! 👏


Connor McDavid (@cmcdavid97) is the @pepsi NHL Obstacle Course winner! #NHLAllStar"

This was announced three weeks ago, which begs the question: why hasn't McDavid been paid?

"Connor McDavid says he hasn't received the $1million he won at the skills competition and when he does, he wants to take care of the trainers in Edmonton."

Gary Bettman is the current NHL commissioner and is certainly not struggling for money. With an estimated net worth of roughly $175 million, he could have afforded to pay McDavid on the spot.

Bettman's Greed Hurting More Than Just McDavid

Connor McDavid is an elite NHLer and has made it known he is not personally struggling with money. Yet, Bettman refusing to pay up the $1 million he owes is currently having more impact than first thought.

McDavid made in a statement with ESPN that he intends to use his prize earnings to pay his team's trainers, a noble gesture that should not go unnoticed.

"'I haven't got it yet, I still gotta figure it out. Made sure the trainers are taken care of and we'll go from there.'"

While this act of appreciation is absolutely a good thing, it is also indicative of a larger issue with the NHL in general: The commissioner should be paying the people who make the players the best they can be, not the players themselves.

While we do not know how much longer McDavid will have to wait, we can certainly hope Bettman learns something from him about generosity.

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