Serious Accusations Emerge Against Former Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin

Published February 16, 2024 at 7:56 PM
With the popularity and competitiveness of the NHL, there are bound to be loved and hated figures. Though much of the fans' vitriol is generally aimed at dirty players and bad referees, sometimes this anger works its way up the totem pole. This appears to be the case for one former general manager who is currently under fire for his alleged treatment of some legendary former players.

Former Canadiens GM Facing Allegations Of Mistreating Star Players

Former Montreal General Manager Marc Bergevin is currently in hot water after some aggravating accusations made during Friday morning's broadcast of BPM Sports radio. According to co-host and former Habs player Gilbert Delorme, Bergevin hated when certain former Canadiens visited the locker rooms during games they attended.

"Essentially Gilbert reveals that Bergevin wasn't happy Beliveau and Lafleur used to walk the same corridors as the players.


The biggest shame out of all this is that no one spoke up about this during his tenure, especially within the org. Sad."

Bergevin Allegedly Used Security Against Late Hockey Legends

Some of the players Bergevin disrespected included late legends like Jean Béliveau and Guy Lafleur, both of whom are widely considered some of the best players of all time. To make matters worse, in addition to expressing distaste, he also ordered security to be used against Béliveau if he was seen in the hallway.

"Marc Bergevin apparently even ordered the longtime Habs security guard to block the doorway if he saw Jean Béliveau, claiming that it «upsets the players» to see Mr. Béliveau walking along the Bell Centre corridors.

Marc Bergevin was truly a petty, arrogant & pathetic person"

Bergevin has not been a general agent since being let go from the Canadiens in 2021 and currently acts as the senior advisor for the Kings' general manager. With fans applauding his replacement and removal, these accusations can only make matters worse for him. It remains in question whether or not he can ever show his face as an NHL agent again.