Toronto Maple Leafs' Ryan Reaves in a press conference.
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Ryan Reaves Comments on the Rielly/Greig Scandal

Published February 12, 2024 at 3:56 PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs faced the Ottawa Senators on Saturday and a major incident occured between Morgan Rielly and Ridley Greig.

Morgan Rielly Faces Major Suspension For His Violent Hit on Ridley Greig After Controversial Empty-Netter


The Maple Leafs defenseman violently hit Greig after the Senators player scored in an empty net with a slap shot only a few feet away from the net.

He will have an in-person hearing with the Department of Player Safety to determine the length of his suspension, meaning it'll be six games or more.

Rielly's teammate and famous enforcer Ryan Reaves shared his bold stance on the situation.

Ryan Reaves Makes Controversial Statement Concerning Morgan Rielly's Hit on Riedly Greig

Reaves is no stranger to the physical aspect of hockey and can't help but see that the league is evolving in the other way.

In an interview, he talked candidly about the league's state and Rielly's hit.

"Ryan Reaves, on the Ridly Greig empty-net slapshot: "If you rewind to when I came into the league he's probably still laying on the ice. I thought (Morgan Rielly's response) was appropriate. I don't see how a kid that young thinks it's appropriate to do something like that."

"Ryan Reaves candidly about his thoughts on the Rielly hearing, says he was surprised it got to that level and it's a different game than he grew up in.

"Make hockey violent again, a tattoo I should get."

Reaves' comments highlight the NHL's course towards a safer and less violent sport, where players can play with minimized risks.

Do you think the Leafs will trade Reaves before the deadline?

As seen on House of Hockey - Reaves Shares A Concerning Comment On The State Of Hockey
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