Cale Makar Under Fire For Tasteless Comments On The 2018 WJC Investigation

Published February 7, 2024 at 7:22
Today Cale Makar spoke to the media regarding his thoughts on the 2018 World Junior investigation. The comments made by Makar have set the hockey world on fire with criticism of him.

Makar Speaks To The Media About 2018 WJC Investigation

A new interview with Cale Makar has led to his first comments on the investigation into the 2018 World Junior team he was a part of. Makar spoke about how he cooperated with the investigation and he felt fortunate not to be there.

"It's tough. I've been told not to comment on that ongoing investigation. I've been straightforward from the start. I wasn't there," Makar said. "It was a very fortunate bounce to not obviously be a part of something like that. I'm just going to leave it to the people who are handling the work right now. I can't
stress enough that I wasn't part of that." Makar has previously said he was not involved in the alleged incident and has cooperated with a Hockey Canada investigation.


The specific issue fans are having with Makar's comments is the part where he said it was a fortunate bounce he was not involved. This makes it sound as though it was by chance he was not part of the heinous acts committed.

Fans Outraged At Makar's Comments On World Junior Investigation

As has been the case with any comments made by players from the Canadian team Makar's comments went viral. Fans have since joined together in collective outrage for the phrasing used by Makar in his statement.

a «fortunate bounce» is a term for when a puck happens to bounce into the net. NOT for not participating in a group sexual assault. like what

In the next few days, Makar will likely be asked to clarify or correct his comments. When he speaks again about this topic all eyes and ears will be on him. If he slips up again and has a questionable stance on the alleged crimes committed fans could quickly turn on the Avalanche superstar.

If Makar makes a further statement or clarifies these comments we will provide his new statement to you.