Cale Makar Breaks the Silence After Possible Ban From the Olympics

Published February 6, 2024 at 4:56 PM
The 2018 World Juniors scandal involving Team Canada has effected many players, and it appears as though it will do so for years to come.

Team Canada reveals that Cale Makar remains banned from international competition

With the London Police press conference and news as of late, we've learned many things about the 2018 World Juniors scandal, and now, Hockey Canada has put out a statement about the investigation.

As part of this statement, Hockey Canada says all players from that team remain suspended from international competition under its umbrella. Next year's Four Nations Faceoff is not part of this, as it is an NHL/NHLPA event


According to that statement, all players from that team, even the ones that weren't in attendance at the event where this incident took place will remain banned from representing Canada.

Cale Makar opens up on the harsh sanction of Hockey Canada

That statement means players such as Cale Makar, Robert Thomas, Jordan Kyrou and Drake Batherson will be ineligible for Team Canada, and now, Colorado's top defenseman has opened up on the situation.

«It's tough. I've been told not to comment on that ongoing investigation. I've been straightforward from the start. I wasn't there,» Makar said. «It was a very fortunate bounce to not obviously be a part of something like that. I'm just going to leave it to the people who are handling the work right now. I can't stress enough that I wasn't part of that.»

Obviously, Makar doesn't want to talk too much about such a sensitive topic, and doesn't go too much into the Olympic ban with the event being two years away, but reiterates that he wasn't in attendance where this happened, and he, like everyone will wait for this to play out in the legal manner.

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