Brad Marchand Caught Off Guard As 19-Year-Old Devils Rookie Slams Him To The Ice

Published January 15, 2024 at 10:01 PM
It is not everyday we see 35-year-old NHL veterans get rocked by rookies. Tonight was one such special occasion though as Brad Marchand ate it following a physical interaction with Devils rookie defenseman Simon Nemec.

19-Year-Old Rookie Nemec Throws Marchand To The Ice With Ease

While Marchand is well known for his pest-like qualities as a hockey player, many often forget how small he is. At just 5'9", even an average sized NHL player can win physical battles against him relatively easily. That is exactly what happened tonight as 6'1" Simon Nemec grabbed him around the neck and quickly threw him to the ice after Marchand skated up to him looking for trouble.

Simon Nemec showing a little feisty vs. Marchand 👀


This was one of the big highlights for the Devils in the game as they ultimately dropped the contest 3-0.

Devils Problems In Goal Answered By Rookie Netminder?

A major reason why the Devils have taken a step back this year has been their goaltending. This is a consistent trend that has carried over from the previous two seasons. Now there is hope in net though as rookie goaltender Nico Daws has been performing exceptionally well since being called up from the AHL.

Nico Daws highlights might now be my favorite comfort videos 🥹🔥😈 #NJDevils

The rookie netminder is coming off back-to-back stellar performances against the Panthers and Bruins, two of the best teams in the entire NHL. He has been consistently good since being called up, leading many fans to wonder if he is the goalie of the future for the team.

Whether or not that is the case is yet to be seen, but the early returns are promising. Stay tuned for updates on the Devils as they look to secure another playoff stretch this season.

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