Corey Perry's Most Likely Next Team Revealed

Published December 5, 2023 at 10:27
With Corey Perry's recent termination, it looked like his season was done. Now, it appears that it may not be, as recent reports have this team potentially signing him.

Insider Reveals that Edmonton Could Sign Perry

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind across the hockey world as the Chicago Blackhawks announced the termination of Corey Perry. While they haven't released any of the details on the matter, Perry has yet to file a grievance over the decision.

It certainly appeared, with how emotional Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson was during the press conference, that Perry would be done playing in the NHL for at least this season. Reports, however, have surfaced that say the Edmonton could be considering going after Perry.


"We can assume that Ken Holland will inquire about the forward. If Holland took the risk of signing a contract with Evander Kane, who had a lot of problems off the ice, he would probably not be opposed to talking to Pat Morris, Perry's agent. The acquisition of Kane was a home run for Holland."

- Jim Matheson of Province Sports

This comes as a surprise, and Matheson is quick to note that this was dependent on Holland doing his own due diligence regarding what happened with Perry in Chicago.

"Holland will have to wait until Perry's situation is resolved, and he will certainly have to thoroughly investigate what Perry did to have his contract terminated in Chicago, but if he doesn't think that's a serious obstacle, Holland will go all in for Perry."

- Jim Matheson

Oilers Would Benefit From A Player Like Perry If He Passes Due Dilligence

Perry is the type of player that the Oilers need right now to help turn their season around. This is contingent, however, on Perry passing whatever due diligence Holland and the club want to do.

Will Corey Perry get a second chance and are #Oilers the team to do it? 👀

Corey Perry is exactly what the Oilers need coming out of his troubles. He is a strong forward with something to prove to himself and his fans, and he will be cheap. #Oilers

We will see if the Oilers take a risk in signing Perry, and if they do so, whether or not they release any details justifying their signing.

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