RUMOUR: Oilers Reportedly Set to Acquire Three-Time Cup Champion

Published November 24, 2023 at 10:11
It has recently been reported that the Edmonton Oilers are looking at Pat Maroon to potentially be the player to turn their season around.

Oilers In Desperation Mode To Turn Season Around and All Chips Are On the Table

The Edmonton Oilers are now in complete desperation mode, with their backs in the corner this season. Any further losses now have a significant impact on their probability of making the playoffs this year.

Because of that, Oilers GM has been reported to be looking for a big trade to bolster their season, and all assets are on the table, according to TSN's Ryan Rishaug.


Oilers/Holland thread:

All eyes are on Ken Holland right now and rightfully so. My sense is, outside their first-round pick, all assets and options (29,97 aside) are in play to try and find a fix. Prospects, 2nd rounders, roster players, all of it on the table.../

Everyone in the league knows how desperate the Oilers are, so making a trade could prove difficult, especially in the net or on defence. Unfortunately, Jack Campbell's $5 million AAV does not help.

..trades are no doubt tough to make. The Oilers are as desperate as anyone in the league and every other GM knows it, nobody is offering lifelines. So finding the true goalie fix, or a major upgrade on D might not be realistic right now short of making a dumb deal../

Oilers Eyeing Pat Maroon As A Potential Trade That Might Not Require As Many Assets

Despite the difficulty it will be to trade, the Oilers still need to do something. They can bring someone in who is a well-known locker room guy, who has playoff experience. According to Rishaug, that person could be Pat Maroon.

...A player like Pat Maroon would fit the bill on all three of these fronts - (Not sure his availability). There are others who check one or two of the boxes. Point is - Holland has to find a way to check a box, and it needs to happen now. Also, wouldn't be shocked to see.../

Maroon is not a goal scorer, with only 2 in 17 games this year, but the Oilers don't need that right now. However, it is hard to believe that all of their struggles this season could be fixed by one trade for a third or fourth-line player.

As seen on Hockey Feed - "Rumor: Reports of a Pat Maroon trade to the Oilers"